What Freedoms The Government Is Plotting To Take Away From You By The End Of 2023

Since 2020 it has become clearly apparent to the people of America that our representatives and government at all have no problem limiting our freedoms.

It took mere weeks and a few recommendations from the CDC for State governments to basically shut down a massive slice of the US economy.

Since the death of COVID-19 in America our government has basically swapped that threat out with the threat of climate change to convince us all that we should trade our freedoms for the perceived safety of bureaucracy.

It has become clearer now which freedoms and resources the government is plotting to take away from you by the end of 2023.


The constant chipping away at our Second Amendment around the country is nothing new. This has an effect. In April Washington become the 10th state to enact some form of ban on “assault weapons” which included the AR15 in a long list of other semiautomatic rifles. (Source)

The world wants us to give up our guns, the government wants us to give up our guns. Of course, the increase in crime, unsolved murders and criminals being let out on the streets is exactly the opposite way to get law abiding citizens to stop buying guns, participate in gun buy backs, or even give up the right to own certain types of firearms.

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Still, they will keep chipping away and by the end of 2023 there will be more states having banned AR15 style rifles and a list of others they deem too dangerous for you to own.


There is a good chance that I will never forget what happened inside people’s homes in the summer of 2022 in Colorado. 22,000 people were notified by their thermostat that they were experiencing an Energy Emergency and their thermostats could go no lower than 78 degrees. (Source)

Now, in all transparency, these 22,000 customers signed up for this kind of service and were compensated for doing so. Still, it was the first time we saw how quickly and easily our “smart” technology can be controlled and suddenly our sovereignty is gone.

Now, you might be thinking, well that is a one off, and those people were signed up for that kind of limited service and they were being compensated to sweat inside their homes when it is 90 degrees out.

We were not witnessing a one off in Colorado, we were witnessing an introduction. It was a peek into what was coming for us all.

About 1 year later a strange “conspiracy” began circling online about the crazy idea that governments might start banning gas stoves and gas heat in homes.

What Freedoms The Government Is Plotting To Take Away From You By The End Of 2023

It got even more crazy as time went on and people were saying that these kinds of appliances would even be banned in areas like Upstate New York where the weather can be very cold and almost all homes depend on natural gas for heat and cooking. Off all the things to ban only a crazy person would jump on that idea, right?

Thankfully, there is a cheap and easy way to build your own stove that operates independently of gas or electricity, providing heat for your home. This offers a practical and sustainable way to reduce your reliance on conventional energy sources.

Of course, none of this has anything to do with being wild and crazy or even protecting people from the harmful fumes that come off gas stoves, apparently. Nope, this is all about control.

Now, I know that 2026 is not the end of 2023 but I want you to understand that the power dynamic has shifted, and you will be subject to their decree on the kinds and quantities of energy you can use going forward.


In schools all across the nation cafeterias are celebrating “no meat” days in an effort “help the planet” or help animals from experiencing pain, or just stretching the budget on cheaper foods to feed your kids.

Your freedom to eat what you want, when you want, is in danger. Inflation in the nation acts both as a means of stressing the budget but it also affects your ability to eat out at restaurants or even afford steak to bring home and prepare.

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Too bad leaders like NYC Mayor Eric Adams are not at all concerned about hiding his intentions. His climate & environmental justice office has created a chart to represent the carbon footprint of New York households.

Adams is a plant based diet advocate and diabetic who has made his choices and now he is showing one example of how governments are fully prepared to make your choices for you, too.


What Freedoms The Government Is Plotting To Take Away From You By The End Of 2023The most divisive and controlling of all mechanisms is but a whisper now but will soon become a reality and it will affect everyone.

The CBDC or Central Bank Digital Currency is likely the way our government gets out of the financial mess it is in now.

They have already created a digital payment system called FedNow and those in the media are 100% sure we have nothing to worry about.

When it comes to my freedoms, I get really worried when they tell me I have “nothing to worry about” or they say that “will not happen” like the recent plan to ban gas stoves in NYC.

Once a digital currency is established all your choices go out the window. Your sovereignty goes out the door. All of the above rights are tethered to free commerce.

A great measure of gun control is not allowing your CBDC card to work on gun purchases. Maybe you cannot swipe to buy that steak either! This one may not come by the end of 2023, but it will be much further along by the end of the year. Keep an eye on it.

This all falls under one umbrella and that is your freedom of choice. The government is plotting harder than ever to be able to eliminate your perception of choice by the end of 2023. They want you to believe you have a choice and they want you to believe you are simply compelled to make the right choice.

Of course, what is really happening is that the government is eliminating choice and recreating what it means to be a citizen of this nation and of this world. They want to guilt you into following orders and giving up choice and comfort.

The only way you can escape something like this is to get outside of all these systems. Producing your own energy, your own food, enacting a barter system amongst neighbors, and making sure you have the guns and ammo you need to protect it all are the best ways to combat these bad intentions.

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