I Hate Being A Prepper (And You Should Hate It Too)

All over the world, the Prepper movement is getting a serious second look.

What started as a prime-time laugh fest featuring fringe lunatics and clipping reasonable people to make them look crazy, has become a way of life that looks oddly appealing after 2020.

As a prepper for over a decade and a man who makes his living in the prepping world, I have come to realize that while there are massive benefits to living a life of self-reliance and independence there are also some ugly parts.

There is some very real bliss in ignorance. You forfeit that when you become a prepper.

Here are some of the things that I hate about being a prepper.

I Hate Hiding This Part Of My Life

The thing I hate most about being a prepper is that there are parts of my life that I must hide from others. This has become less and less a reality for me but for years I only mentioned my prepping to very few people.

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As my stockpiles, skills, and experience grew it became even harder to keep this whole prepping side of my life under wraps.

The more I learned about the world around me the more I had to steel myself against the prying questions of people at work and in my life.

At times it can feel like living a double life. You see prepping is not just something I do throughout the week. It is literally my profession.

So, I am always aware of who I am talking to and how I answer the question “What do you do for a living?”. All the OPSEC is daunting.

I Hate Being Judged

We face judgement as people who prepare and of course being apart of a prepper at large.

Despite all that has happened over the last 3 years people still look at preppers as fringe individuals that are paranoid, scared, and potentially dangerous.

Not to mention the many religious and political assumptions made about preppers, too!

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What I have noticed lately is that people don’t actually know how to react to preppers anymore. I think that is because many are considering getting deeper into the whole idea of self-reliance and independence.

I Hate Convincing People

There are people close to us all who get it but just don’t get it enough.

They know things are bad, but they will not look over the edge to see just how far the abyss goes. They will not give themselves over to prepping and survival.

I Hate Being a Prepper (And You Should Hate It Too)I hate finding myself in the position where I am convincing someone that they need to prep.

I hate going down the ever-growing list of reasons that people should be prepping and time and time again they just turn down the idea.

It feels good to change them, but it is tough when they walk away still unprepared.

I Hate Knowing What Is Really Going On

The old saying is still very true. Ignorance is bliss. Being a prepper is about positioning yourself as far away from that bliss as possible.

You know what could happen, what is happening, and how bad it could go. You know all the worst people and organizations in the world and what effect they are having on our way of life.

I Hate Being a Prepper (And You Should Hate It Too) (3)I hate making it my business to know the evil and the catastrophe that is closer and closer all the time.

I am not sure if I would hate watching YouTube shorts all night, oblivious, even more than waking up in a cold sweat after dreaming about a nuclear weapon detonating off the coast of the UK.

I Hate Knowing What Will Have To Be Done When SHTF

Beyond knowing what is happening in this world, I also must contend with what the end of the world will be like, too.

As a prepper I hate thinking over all the situations we will have to manage when SHTF. I hate thinking about turning people away who are starving. I hate thinking about people dying because there is no more medical care.

This Bug Will Kill Most Americans During The Next Crisis

Inevitably, you must think these things over so that you are better prepared to deal with them. It still sucks sitting down and going over those dark scenarios in your head.

I Hate Watching World Leaders Edge Us Closer To TEOTWAWKI

From cutting fuel production to shutting down farms and starting wars, I hate watching the world leaders move us closer to the end of the world.

Their decisions are worse by the day, and we are left to deal with the consequences.

When it comes to our own preparedness, we have the power to affect our situation. That is the reason most of us prepare.

I Hate Being a Prepper (And You Should Hate It Too)

Of course, when it comes to leaders and big decisions in the world, we are essentially powerless.

I really hate knowing that people are going to starve, suffer and die because of decisions that world leaders and influential billionaires are having their way.

I also hate knowing there are no repercussions for said leaders.

I Hate Living Under The Doomsday Clock

All preppers have holes in their game. Nobody is rooting for the collapse because their lives will be much better if the world falls apart.

There are a lot of great things about living a self-reliant and independent lifestyle. There are also tons of great things about living in this modern society.

All the people that I know who live off the grid take trips to places like Rural King, Southern States, Northern Tool, and even Walmart to get things for their off-grid paradise.

As a prepper I hate waiting for the inevitable to happen. I hate knowing that the doomsday clock is ticking over my head, and I will not know exactly when it hits midnight. The more I prep the less I hear that clock and worry about those things, but I know it is always there.

For the record, I would not change a thing. Moving into 2023 I am so glad that I started prepping all those years ago.

It has positioned my family and I to weather whatever storm hits the hardest. Prepping has paid dividends for me both from peace of mind and literal dividends.

While there are things I hate about being a prepper, it is safe to say that the good far outweighs the bad.

I would also like to thank the prepper community at large for shouldering these burdens together and creating a home for new preppers who are just opening their eyes to the real world.

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