A Homestead Night Before Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and nearby the house

Small creatures were stirring, a red fox, a mouse;

The duckies were tucked in their warm coop with care,

And the chickens all perched on roosts high in the air.

The flowers, snow covered, nestled snug in their beds;

While ice crystals glistened on faded seed heads.

The land that was once left abandoned and torn,

Now hosted abundance, just waiting for morn.

Where there had been a low spot, there now stood a pond;

Where froggies would sing through spring and beyond.

To the west there now sprang a fine row of strong trees,

That protected the home from strong winds and light breeze.

Round the corner, a beehive, filled with many tiny guests;

Well covered for winter so they could safely take rest.

To north sat the solar panels, quietly waiting for sun;

So they could produce electricity to help the house run.

In clumps and in clusters all over the land,

Were trees, shrubs, vines, and gardens, all planted by hand.

Each plant was not just a source of medicine or food,

It was a dream the family planted, and with love they imbued.

The walls of the home, so thick and so strong;

Protected the family in this place they belong.

While they slept, their dreams swirled with plans for the year,

Of how to share with others the values they hold dear.

The times they were troubled, with much darkness and fear;

Yet still there was hope, and reason for cheer.

And while they don’t know quite how their story ends;

They know they can build it with loved ones and friends.

– Written by Laurie Neverman of Common Sense Home, 12/24/22

May you have a blessed holiday season and a joyful new year filled with opportunities.

Thank you for being a part of our community.

A Homestead Night Before Christmas Poem

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