20 Prepping Items That Will Skyrocket In Price This Year

Surviving in today’s world can be challenging, especially when the prices of everyday items are constantly on the rise.

However, by being prepared and knowing which items will likely increase in price, you can make intelligent decisions to protect your finances.

Below is a list of survival items likely to increase in price this year.

Take note and be prepared by seeking out sales and stocking up when possible.

Gold And Silver

Precious metals are often considered safe-haven investments during economic uncertainty and inflation.

Gold or silver may be a wise investment choice if you’re looking to protect your savings and plan for the future.

Food Staples

During economic uncertainty, food prices tend to rise due to increased production costs and transportation expenses, a trend we are already seeing at the checkout.

Stock up on non-perishable food items as they are likely to see a price increase and can be easily stored for the future.


As you are probably aware, the cost of healthcare is constantly on the rise. Sadly, prescription drugs are no exception and are reaching record highs.

To protect yourself against a crisis, ensure you have a sufficient supply of necessary medications. Before they become unaffordable, learn here an ingenious way to stockpile prescription medications at home.


20 Prepping Items That Will Skyrocket In Price This YearThe price of fuel is always subject to fluctuations. Unfortunately, with the current economy fuel is expected to increase even more in 2023 and beyond.

Consider looking into alternative fuel sources such as solar panels, wind turbines, and electric cars to reduce your dependence on fossil fuels.

Alternative Transportation

The cost of gasoline and other fossil fuels is expected to rise, making alternative transportation methods more appealing.

Consider investing in a bicycle, electric scooter, or another alternative method of transportation to reduce your dependence on fossil fuels.

Water Filtration Systems

20 Prepping Items That Will Skyrocket In Price This YearClean drinking water is essential for survival, and water filtration system costs are expected to increase with the threat of water shortages.

Invest in a high-quality filtration system or stock up on bottled water to ensure access in an emergency.

Personal Protective Equipment

The ongoing pandemic has highlighted the importance of personal protective equipment, and its increased demand is expected to drive up prices.

Make an effort to stock up on masks, gloves, and hand sanitizers to ensure access to these items if needed. As we have seen, you never know when a crisis will strike.

Solar Panels

20 Prepping Items That Will Skyrocket In Price This YearWith an increasing demand for renewable energy sources, the cost of solar panels is expected to continue rising in 2023.

Investing in solar panels now can save you money on your energy bills in the future and reduce your dependence on non-renewable energy sources.

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Alternative Energy Sources

Accompanying an ongoing rise in fuel costs, there is an increased demand for renewable energy sources. This rising demand means the cost of solar panels, wind turbines, and other alternative energy sources are expected to rise.

Investing in alternative energy sources can save you money on your energy bills in the future.


batteriesThe increasing demand for electronic devices has led to a rise in the price of batteries.

Batteries are essential to any preparedness kit, so consider stocking up on rechargeable batteries to reduce your reliance on disposable ones.

Tactical Gear

The demand for tactical gear, such as backpacks, flashlights, and first aid kits, is expected to increase as more people prepare for emergencies.

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Ensure you have access to tactical gear to be prepared for any situation.

Outdoor Equipment

outdoor equipmentMore and more people are turning to outdoor activities for recreation. Due to this, the demand for outdoor equipment such as tents, sleeping bags, and backpacks is expected to increase.

Prepare by stocking up on the gear you need to survive in the wild, should the need arise.


Whether for home repairs or outdoor adventures, the cost of tools is expected to increase in 2023.

Make an effort to invest in high-quality tools that will last rather than buying cheap, disposable ones.

Firearms And Ammunition

gun and ammoThe demand for firearms and ammunition has increased in recent years, and prices are expected to rise again in 2023. Stock up on ammunition and invest in a reliable firearm for personal protection in an emergency.

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Building Materials

The demand for building materials such as lumber, concrete, and steel is expected to increase as construction activity picks up in 2023.

Ensure you have the building materials you need by stocking up to avoid price increases.

Pet Supplies

20 Prepping Items That Will Skyrocket In Price This YearThe demand for pet supplies, particularly high-quality pet food, is expected to increase as people take better care of their animals.

To be safe and prepared, stock up on pet supplies to ensure you have what you need for your furry friends.

Clothing And Textiles

The cost of clothing and textiles is expected to rise due to increased production costs and transportation expenses.

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Invest in high-quality clothing and textiles that will last rather than buying cheaper items that wear out quickly.


The cost of technology, such as smartphones, laptops, and other electronic devices, is another product expected to increase in price due to rising production costs.

Purchase high-quality technology that will last to save money in the future.

Home Security Systems

There is no denying that crime rates are on the rise. This increase in crime means the demand for home security systems is also expected to increase.

Stay safe by investing in a reliable home security system to protect your family and property from rising crime.

In these uncertain times preparing for the future is about being proactive.

Investing in these twenty survival items can ensure you have what you need and can help protect you from the financial impact of inevitable price increases.

Shop around and stock up on these items to build your prepper kit for an emergency when you see them on sale because they are sure to increase in price as time goes on.

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